AVOV TVonline+ Android Set Top Box

Now introducing the AVOV TVonline+ Quad Core Android Set Top Box. The ultimate Android solution with IPTV Middleware capabilities. Just like the Infomir MAG254, the TVonline+ has Stalker Middleware integrated into it. In addition to Stalker, it also incorporates the Nova Middleware solution for flexibility of options.

This unique Android/IPTV set-top-box can be your one and only box in the living room as it combines the use of a full blown media centre as well as the ability to run your live IPTV channels using Stalker or Nova middleware. As an Android powered box, you will have the ability to download a wide variety of applications from the Android Playstore and a load of other third party applications.

This AVOV+, also known as the HybridQ, incorporates a Quad-Core 1.5Ghz CPU with 4GB of storage and Wi-Fi built right into it. The Avov currently runs Android Kitkat 4.4.2 and should be introducing updates to the latest Android operating system over the air in the near future.

The Avov TVonline+ is now sold here in Toronto, Ontario and is becoming Canada’s number 1 selling Android box due to it’s uniqueness and offerings.

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